Blood Drive

A new Day

Dear Diary;

What a crazy turn of event, we lost some good men this day and we sent some real bad ones to their grave…

After good old Bryce ended up not showing we decided to prepare the town for a siege, was kind of a funny thing watching Dog Man try to put a wagon on the roof of a building. All that setting up and we didn’t even need it in the end.

Luke and Abby ended up riding into town to tell us the guy we were waiting for attacked our boss Sutter, took all herd, kidnapped our men, and only they were able to escape. After calming down Abby and some deliberation we felt that we had to take the fight to this Gault, but we didn’t have the man power to do it. Luke suggested that maybe we could get support in Exposition, so we rode out with the last of the cattle figuring we could trade them for a posse.

We ended up trading Bryce, who wanted to stay and help out the town some more with some kid who wanted to tag along, not entirely sure what he was about, but boy did he like to preach and preach and preach. Sometimes I think there is nothing worse than someone who thinks they know what they say means everything, but to each his own I guess.

When we made it to Exposition we almost had a shootout with this gal Mina, she was a Black River Enforcer, after some debate we decide to talk to each about what we knew about Gault, he had been riding around the territory falsely saying he was working for Black River and had a small army with him.

After some negotiation we got Mina to lend us some of her enforcers for some cattle. We left Abby with Mina for safe keeping and rode out on the trail to try to find Gault and his men, needless to say following the herd was not hard at all.

We had a long fire fight and I won’t get into specifics, because I just don’t feel like remembering it all right now, but we were able to get back Sutter…now it time to find out who didn’t make it.



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