Blood Drive

Bryce's Rare Books

I noted on Bryce’s character sheet and introduction that he packed four rare books into his rucksack before departing Purity — to him, they were the books that someone might pay good money for and thus were worth bringing along (as opposed to the potboilers and other texts that comprised the majority of his stock). I’m OK with these books not having any monetary or skill value in the context of the cattle drive, but I wouldn’t mind defining some of them (or all of them) in the event they might have an RP impact depending on who we might meet in future encounters.

One book I’d like Bryce to have is “The Art of Secret Information Disclosed without a Key”, a book originally published in 1685 in Latin (original title “Cryptomenysis Patefacta”). The curious thing about Bryce’s book is that it was published in the 18th century, and purports to be an English translation by Dr. John Dee of the original Latin work, though anyone knowledgeable in the occult (which Bryce is not) would know that Dee died in 1609, many years before the original was published. (The book “Cryptomenysis Patefacta” is a book that actually exists, and is referenced in H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Dunwich Horror”, so it may have some Mythos/occult connections, though that may not be relevant for this campaign.)

Another book I’d like Bryce to have is a printing of ‘Le Morte d’Arthur’, preferably one of the early 19th century re-printings inspired by the arrival of the Romantic period in art and literature. (At some point, Bryce, despite his intelligence, may well choose to start calling his Colt “Excalibur”, especially if he continues to record one-shot kills with it!)

I’m open to suggestions on what the other two books might be; I see Bryce as a reader who’d take advantage of down-time on the trail to leaf through one of the books he’s carrying, especially ‘Le Morte d’Arthur’. Bryce McCumber



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