Blood Drive

Damn you Silcor, Damn you...

Dear Diary;

I feel ashamed for what I have done, my fear possessed me so much it guided my hand; oh I wish it wasn’t so.

After our investigation of a farmstead we were attacked by ravenous angry wolves. The dog man did nothing but go look for loot as usual and I guess the wolves sensed their own stink because they didn’t attack him. He left us to fend them off, I detest shooting the great animals of the west, but there comes a time when you have no choice but to put down a dangerous creature. During the attack the kid again came up with some fancy tricks to hold the animals at bay for a time. Time enough for us to put the animals down.

Upon investigation we found that the farmstead was empty, no people, animals, or anything. We headed back to the drive and kept on going. Sometime later we ran into a wagon in the road surrounded by Indians. We road ahead, but I couldn’t talk to them, they were not of my tribe, but the kid did some mumbo jumbo and he could. We came to find out that they had someone trapped in the wagon and were going to burn it. Inside was a women, the Indians believed it was a manitous, I feigned ignorance on what that was, but Joe said he knew. I only knew of one and please don’t tell me he has found me, I defeated him once I know I can do it again.

Since Joe told the kid it was an evil spirit thing, the kid said he could exercise it. Whatever that meant, so he convinced the Indians to let us take the women with us and he would perform some ritual with his followers. Who would have thought a little kid would have followers, but he likes to talk so I guess the white man is willing to follow.

We took the women out away from the heard so the kid could do his thing. During the night it became evident that something was wrong. The kid and his followers were praying and such, and then the horses were getting spooked. We find then the Indians had returned and now they weren’t listening to the kid they wanted to kill us all. While we fought the Indians, Demon Eyes runs off, then a horse goes down in the dark and that’s with the women from the wagon explodes.

Silcor the foul beast had filled her body with flesh eating locusts, the lady exploded around us killing 2 of the kid’s followers outright. What do you do against a giant swarm of bugs; Silcor did his business well when he sent these beasts. He knew I could use my irons against any normal beasts, but against these I had no weapon.

So not only did we have to fight off the Indians, but 4 or 5 more of Silcor’s locust beast came for us out of the darkness.

And, this is where I showed my shame, I knew with time we could have maybe saved some of the kids followers with Rin’s fancy cloths, but I was spooked, scared, and had only one weapon at my disposal. So I did it, I dropped a stick of dynamite on the fire which engulfed the locust beast and the kids friends.

It didn’t stop there the night rang out with destruction as I ran around the area dropping sticks anywhere I could to get as many of them as I could.

We eventually defeated the creatures, so maybe this does show my perseverance to defeating evil Silcor. Maybe now he knows I will have something for anything he tries to send, but I know it was a sad night I feel great remorse for those lost, as the sun rises and we lick our wounds maybe the Great Sun Mother will cleanse my pain and shame and I can go on.

Or is it time that I leave these people before something worse comes from the darkness for me, maybe even Sicor himself and the death he bring will know no bounds.



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