Blood Drive

Day 2 Damn you Silcorrrrr…

Dear Diary;

I haven’t been writing lately because of the sad events that had happened, the strange foreign white man was killed.

I should not write like this, I should explain:
We were back on the ranch continuing to do the duties the good Mr. Sutter set us on. The last few days we were rustling up cattle and doing our night watch. During our cattle rustling we came upon some tracks and eventually found a couple heads of dead cattle. I stated we had enough for the day, but the white men wanted to investigate the bodies as if their investigations would bring the cattle back.

During this investigation we found that the area was a nest of spider vermin. I told the white men to leave well enough alone and to let us ride out, but it is not enough for them to pillage the great Mother, but they must also destroy Her creatures as well. As Mr. Sutter hired me I was honor bound to assist them. We destroyed the vermin with ease and headed back with our cattle. During the evening we encountered a great quake of earth, I believe the Earth Mother was upset with what we had done, but nothing else occurred that night.

The next day we went out to do our duty and retrieve more cattle headed back by the river where we found the nest, it was this day that we saw it the great beast. DAMN YOU SILCOR, I believe the earth mother sent this creature to retrieve its children, but alas Silcor has tainted the beast and created this this monster, I know not what to call it, but it filled me with terror and was a tarantula spider, but it was so huge and monstrous it can only be called a TERRORRRRANCULA!

The great beast was unstoppable, my bullets bounced off its powerful hide and it mandibles tore the foreign man to shreds, sliced at the strange gambling man, and just kept going shot after shot. The strangest of the white men was able to continuously damage the beast eventually killing it, but alas one of our own was dead…or so we thought.

Day 3 Return to the river;
After the defeat of the beast, we were able to regroup, we found that in fact the foreign white man was not dead just unconscious, the strange white man had disappeared during the fight, the gambling man Joe was rambling to himself, he told us he was talking to the spirit of the foreigner, but how would the spirit have been set free if his shell still drew breath. We returned to the ranch to lick our wounds and speak to Luke and Mr. Sutter.

On the round to the ranch we were overrun by eight stranger, 6 normal men, a white man dressed in fancy wears as if that would impress anyone named Bart Felps, and an Indian who from his dress appeared to have fought for the Confederates. He spoke to Mr. Sutter with a serious lack of respect, once Mr. Sutter cocked his shotgun I drew, because if lead was going to fly this fancy dressed man would go first. Instead the rode off knowing their odds weren’t on their side.

It was after our meal Mr. Sutter addressed the group and stated we would be heading out soon, he seemed worried about the men who showed up today. Mr. Sutter asked us to escort Miss Morton to the town to get the last of the supplies, as this is his only family he wanted her safe. It gave me great pride to know that he puts his trust in me (us) to protect something so valuable.

The next day we rode to town, the strange gambler Joe was still off talking of Mark (the foreign white man) as if he were a spirit, and the way he ogled Miss Morton made me mad, so I took the liberty of riding with the girl to keep him away.

We got to town and Joe and I went in with Miss Morton to get the supplies, after some time Joe headed back outside, I stayed in the store with Miss Morton, but went to the door to find that “nicely” dressed man trying to call out some of the others of our group. As Rin is a girl and doesn’t seem to me to have the grit for such a thing I didn’t expect her to go up. The other strange white man wanted to fight him hand to hand, where did he think he was, this is the West and these things are handled with Iron.

Joe surprisingly took the challenge and so unnerved the man he drew first, and was shot dead right in the street like the dog he was. I have to say I was quite impressed with Joe’s skill and ability. It was here that we learned that this man and the man (Bayou Vermillion ) he worked for had been working with evil spirits to antagonize the spiders into attacking the cattle. I took Joe and Miss Morton for a drink and some beans while Rin and the other white man filled the wagon. We returned back without incident, spent the next 3 days loading up and then headed out on the trail.

It was 3 days out on the trail before we had another incident, Rin lost a couple cattle and spent a hour rustling them up, it was kind of amusing to watch. That evening we were attacked by a large group of what I believe to be to be Bayou Vermillion men, 6 on horseback scarred the cattle, 6 on horseback can for us, 6 walked in front of us, and I believe the Indian man was there as well.

It was a hard fight, the man with the dog was dropped like a sack of wheat, Joe was shaken so much he ran and hide in some trees, and Rin ran off with him. It was left to me to take on the 12 enemies alone with the dog, and some of Sutter’s men. I was able drop 5 of the men in front of us and 2 on horseback, before I was forced to get out of the way before I was trampled by the cattle.

I was ready to curse Silcor again because I was too far away to save the Dog man, but Joe finally getting some nerve teamed up with Rin who was hiding up in a tree to do the strangest thing. Joe through a rope to Rin, then ran over to the Dog man and tied it around him. Rin then must have drank one of her strange concoctions, because she jumped out of the tree onto the stampede and rode, I mean rode on of the steers pulling Dog man to safety. Once again Joe proves he has some grit and agility because he was able to scamper to safety.

With the enemies dispatched or running I knew we didn’t have a lot of time, the stamped would continue going and spread out all over if we didn’t do anything. I jumped on my horse and speed in front of the herd, turned my mount around and screamed out to the alpha bull, DAMN YOU SILCOR!!! The beast and all the ones trailing stopped inches from my very nose.

I write this as usual tired from a long day, we have lost one of Sutter’s men, but know we have done well, we have stopped this man Bayou Vermillion, and I have shown Silcor that while his curse my linger there is nothing that I CANNOT do.

Till tomorrow…



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