Blood Drive

I am the Law

Dear Sam,

There’s been more strange goings on out here on the trail. We were just riding along, minding our own business, when from out of nowhere we were attacked but some kind of man eating plants. They were like tumble weeds, except they made you bleed. Tumble bleeds I guess you’d call them.

We made short work of them, but only after we lost another one of cattle.

After that we headed on towards the town of Dog Leg. Suttter sent a couple of fellers off to get some supplies, and don’t you know it if they didn’t ever come back. So it fell to us to take of the problem. Me and the gang rode into Dog Log, and found that our boys were being held by the local “Marshal” on some kind of trumped up charges.

Now you know how I feel about trumped up charges. My only regret was that Clarissa drew on them before I got the chance.

My only other regret is that the former Marshal had some friends. Now I’m not scarred of them or nothing. I just wished I knew where they were. If they’re heading back to town I want to be right here waiting for them, but if looking to wrangle the herd, I might need to head back quick.

In the end the gang decided we should sleep on it, so I’m calling it a night.

Take care, and give my love to mom,




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