Blood Drive

I…I…I don’t think I feel right


I haven’t been able to speak about this, but forced myself to put down in words what has occurred, How far can these white devils go…

Of all the things I thought I could go through with my battle with Silcor, I could never imagine I would face something that has shattered my understanding of this world. I have been through a lot in my young life and never expected to accomplish as much as I have, especially with Silcor on my tail.

But I digress…

It was just another normal day on the cattle drive we had been making some good progress I believed and made it to the town of Purity, even with all the lost cattle Rin and the Dog man lost we were still able to make good time and got to spend the day in town.
We returned to camp played some cards, which was good made $10 of these bad gambling white men, and we were relaxing when we were attacked. Attacked by a HAND, how does a hand move on its own, how does a hand have the capability to choke someone to death, more importantly how do hand carry a grown man away.

We ended up chasing the hands back to town in hopes to retrieve one of the crew, when we got to town it was ghostly quite, no one to be found. We did catch glimpses of the wandering hands, but could not pinpoint where they were going. So, we ended up doing something that I felt in another life you should not do and split up the party. Rin, Joe, and I went to the bar/hotel, while Marc went off on his own to the doctor’s office, and the Dog man went to the barn.

We convinced the townsfolk to let us in so we could help; they were all huddled in the main room afraid of the hands wandering the town. We explained we would help and went to the second floor, once there we battle to of these monstrous creatures, how do you call wandering, flying, choking hand monstrous…it is just inhuman. Once we were done we were told by the townsfolk that the sheriff and his deputies headed to Doctor’s Sloric’s house up on the hill. About the time we were headed that was Marc and the Dog man had returned so we headed to the Doctor’s house in hopes of finding our friend.

In the front door of Doctor Sloric’s house were pools and pools of blood, but yet no bodies, we entered the home and had to decide whether to go upstairs or down, as with most evil things we figured going down into the basement was where most evil lurks. It was here that I witnessed something so profoundly disturbing…

In the basement of the house were the bodies of the sheriff and his deputies we presumed, because there chest cavities were ripped open and their innards removed, we found their parts around a corner stuffed into what we believed was Dorctor Sloric, who was laid out on the floor also with his chest ripped open. It was at this time that a horrendous wail was heard and a great beast attacked, calling out to stay away from his father. I call it a beast because what sort of man could this be.

A monstrous 8 foot-tall, hideously ugly creation was before us, the beast had translucent yellowish skin pulled so taut over the body that it barely disguised the workings of the arteries and muscles underneath, sewn arms and legs that did not seem to belong to just one person was before us.

The battle with the beast took some time, and through I fight I was shaken and wounded, but together we were able to destroy the beast with multiple shots to his bulbous head. No one was permanently wounded and in our search after we were able to find our missing hand, thankfully still alive.

But in the end how does a man come to create such a beast, what goes through his sick mind, the white man does so much to destroy this land, has no respect for the creatures around them, how I could have been surprised I don’t know, what I do know is that I will never be the same, and this time I can’t damn Silcor for his involvement.



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