Blood Drive

Steam Carriage Destroyed

Dear Sam,

The posse and I destroyed a steam carriage.

After the robot spider indecent, we had a long discussion about where to go next, and seeing as how Rin was absorbed in her work, we decided to keep heading along the trail.

Before long now who should show up but our good friend Mr. Fancy Pants with his fancy carriage. He made some sorts of snide remarks, then we heard noise coming from the heard. Of course he must have been to blame, so we started shooting. I had a good shot that I was sure would have taken out the gunner, but by some twist of fate it just nicked him.

Then there was some shenanigans with Cadmust crawling under the wagon and back out. Clarissa tossed some TNT and the new China man did some fancy footwork to kick the sticks inside the carriage.

After some more rounds were fired, things went quite. Cadmus shot the carriage, and the whole thing exploded.



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