Blood Drive

The White Man

Dear Diary;

I haven’t been writing lately because I feel lost again and unsure on how to proceed. Between the money I had saved and the pay I expected to get from this cattle drive I figured I would have earned enough to get myself a good amount of acreage, start a farm, get some bison, and live free…

But, I have lost way.

Sutter has us running the trail hard and he didn’t want to pay some type of toll, so had us going 10 days through the mountains. The pass was easy going, but each night I had continued nightmares of Silcor and being buried alive. Each night was worse than the previous and I felt my head would burst. We made it through, but then on the other side came across some new grumpy white men, who wouldn’t let us cross their land. Their land like this wasn’t here before these silly men came and put it there. Like the great spirits of the wolf, bison, elk, and eagle weren’t here living without “paying” for the privilege of trudging across somebody “land”.

Of course Sutter didn’t want to pay and I would be further damned if I let him drag me through some nightmare infested territory again, so I paid these people as if they could own anything. Going across their land ended up being a hazard anyway as the damn weeds were possessed by Silcor’s evil nightmarish taint and started eating the cattle and trying to bite us. But as I have found a good piece of iron takes care of most nightmares.
We moved on again and got to some town of Dogleg, Sutter sent a couple hands to get supplies and they hadn’t returned so we were sent to investigate. We got to town and were told that our Cow hands were arrested for who knows what. We went to the “Marshall’s” office to find that they were there accused of smashing up the town and we had to pay $500 dollars to get them out.

I was not having any of that. These men were hard damn workers and didn’t need to be treated like this. Based on the “Marshall” statements I knew there was something up. Of course the Dog man decided he was a lawyer and would talk them into releasing them. I felt this called for another solution, drew and shot that lying son of a bitch. The rest of the boys pitched in and we were ready to go and get out of there, but book reading guy Bryce said he wanted to stick around and help the people of this crappy town, as they were going to have a storm heaped upon their heads.

Bryce gives this great little talk to the people of the town about them helping them and us helping them, so to add to his story I pinned the Marshall’s badge to his chest. BOY did he glow and preen like a turkey. So we are stuck here overnight with who knows what coming our way.

Now I tell you I just don’t understand the White man, the think they own everything, they think they can do anything, and they think we owe them. Just is sicking.

Hey hey wake up everyone, anyone seen that Marshall, where the hell that chicken livered man go…



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