Blood Drive

This Time it was Robot Spiders

Dear Sam,

I looks like we’ve gotten ourselves into another fine mess again.

We finally got to Denver, where Sutter was planing to sell his heard. Well those prices were still to low, so he’s planning to start a new ranch out in Wyoming, and in lue of cash he’s giving us an ownership share of the heard. He also hired on a few new cow hands to help pick of some of the slack. And it turns out he was able to get another head of cattle dirt cheap.

It wasn’t long before we figured out why they were selling at such a low rate. Turns out they were infected with some kind of parasite that exploded out of them. I didn’t want them infecting more of the heard, so I shot them dead. That spooked the cattle a little, but it was no big deal, since Rin was able to coral them all by herself.

After that we got a visit from a man in a steam-powered carriage. He asked for some drawings that Rin come across, but Rin didn’t want to give them up. So he got all huffy, and drove off.

Of course we were attack during the night by a bunch of mechanical spiders.

Rin thinks that whoever the fancy pants man worked for is a competitor of Hellstromme, so we’re heading out to camp Hades to have a talk with Hellstromme’s people and try to figure out what’s going on.



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