Bill Sutter

Owner of the Lazy S Ranch and the Employeer of the Catle Drive


Howdy! My name’s Bill Sutter. I know most everyone hereabouts and I didn’t recognize you, so I wanted to say “Welcome to Sutter’s Flats.” Just to clear things up, the town’s named after my daddy. He was the first settler in this area, but that’s as far as my connection goes.

Aw, Hell. I ain’t no good at small talk. I’m lookin’ for some extra hands. I’m gettin’ ready to pull up stakes. Bayou Vermilion has got a stranglehold on the cattle trade ’round these parts, due to being the only railroad within hundreds of miles, and calling the prices they offer “highway robbery” is an insult to bandits. That bein’ the case, I’m gonna take my herd and leave, so to speak.

I’ve got a solid crew, but I’m shy a few. I’m lookin’ for experienced trail riders, but
I’ll settle for anybody who knows which end of a gun the bullet comes out of. But pickin’s is gettin’ slim and I want to get on the trail before we get too far into spring, so if I can’t get that, I’ll make do with breathin’.

Nobody comes to Sutter’s Flat if they’ve got anywhere else to be, so I figured I’d make you the offer.

Sutter explains he’s planning to head north, either to Roswell to sell to the Confederate post there or into the Disputed Territories and Denver. With three major railroads tied to it, Denver seems like a good place to sell his beef. He’s ridden the Goodnight-Loving Trail before and plans to generally follow it for most of the trip.

Offered pay is 30 dollars a month.

Bill Sutter

Blood Drive Grizzly