Black Dog

An older Indian dressed in a threadbare Confederate jacket decorated with a smattering of bangles and fetishes.


“His name is Black Dog. He’s an old Comanche raider from hereabouts and me and him got a little history. I was part of the posse that ran him to ground back in ’73.

I heard he signed on with the Confederacy for clemency, but they cut him loose before too long. No doubt Vermilion hired him on ’cause he knows the area…and ain’t likely to balk at pointin’ the business end of a gun at any of the locals."

GM Note: Incidentally, I did find a civil war picture showing a native american wearing a confederate jacket, but decided it would be bad taste to use it in this context. So, imagine this coat, with an indian in it, adorned with a lot of items made of beads and feathers.

Black Dog

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