Lazy S Cowboys

The cowboys in Bill Sutter's Crew


Only the toughest and most reliable ranch hands are still in Sutter’s employ. The rest cut out early on when it was clear Sutter was going to tussle with LaCroix’s thugs. Those who remain have stood by the rancher through fights with rustlers, outlaws, and even Santa Anna’s troops.
They’re in for the long haul.

These guys are named below:

1. Zeke Sappenfield
2. Robert “Tooks” Tookey
3. Jake Blake
4. Arnold “Crusty” Sykes
5. Bishop Cummings
6. Blain Hedges
7. Stanford Lloyd-R.I.P.
8. Sam “Sticks” Stickley
9. Howdy Diggle
10. Arthur “Orange” Boggs
11. Jarrett Keathley
12. Arington Worth
13. Remy Huntington
14. Bill “Bug Smasher” Smith
15. Cliff Teller

Lazy S Cowboys

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