Luke Canton

Sutter's Trail Boss


Parry:6 Toughness:6

Grit:0 Pace:6 Cha:0

Ag:d8 Sm:d6 Sp:d6 St:d6 Vi:d8

Fighting:d8 Shooting:d6
Gambling d4 Survival:d4
Guts:d6 Taunt:d6
Notice: d6 Throwing:d6
Riding: d10 Tracking:d4

Loyal- No one Left Behind
Poverty- Just Can’t Hang on to $$
Steady Hands No Platform Penalty

Colt Army
RoF1 Shots: 6 AP:1
Damage: 2d6+1 Range: 12/24/48

Winchester ’73
RoF1 Shots: 15 AP:2
Damage: 2d8 Range: 24/48/96

Parry -1 Reach +2
Special: Agility Trick: vs. Fighting
Success = -2 Parry
Raise = -2 Parry, Prone, Shaken


Sutter’s most trusted employee, Luke is trail boss for this crew. He’s a leathery old cowboy who’s seen it all and takes no guff.

Luke Canton

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