Blood Drive

Day 1


Dear Diary;
After some travels I have finally made it to outskirts of Sutter’s Flats, what a dismal town, but I should not complain much as the Spirits have seen fit to assist me in my travels. I hope my travels have not been in vain as I heard there was work for the able bodied, while I have a small amount of money it would not buy me land of my own. I will have to work hard here and save what funds I can. Thankfully I have not been harassed by the demon spirit Silcor since I have entered the area; maybe I have finally been able to remove his foul filth from my soul.

Until tomorrow…

Dear Diary;
I am now in Sutter’s Flats and my thoughts yesterday about the area are nicer than they should have been, this town is a dump, nothing of value to be found, maybe 3 buildings of note. But, on a positive note I was able to finally meet Mr. Sutter, he seems to be a fine person, but desperate. While I should not speak ill of a generous man, he choices seem a little strange.

He hired anyone who could draw breath, he hired me on the spot no questions to reference or skills. He hired 4 other strange white men, one with a funny voice and speech, one crazy haired female carrying luggage and who disrespects the Earth Spirits with her use of the sacred ghost rock, one strange fellow in a trench who seems scared of his own shadow, and an even stranger fellow who probably would have been left behind if it wasn’t for his pretty dog. I don’t know if I will ever understand the white man and his strange ways.

I am headed to the Lazy S Ranch for work, so it begins…

Dear Diary;
We have awoken to do work, simple enough at first breaking some horses, important work for what we will be doing. It was then I saw her Beautiful Black Beauty, I was sure the Spirits set her before me to prove myself and my abilities. But, alas my pride and I believe Silcor’s curse prevented me from succeeding where I should have.

A horse such as that does not belong to a strange white man, even if he seems to commune with the Animal Spirits.

The night even through my fatigue forced me to go on watch of the land, very quiet and uneventful.

All that I have traveled and Silcor still lingers within me know this foul beast, my spirit is my own and no one will take it from me.

Until tomorrow…

First Session-May 25th
Howdy Y'All

Thanks all for a good first session. The posse has been created and has begun to work together. The first task was successful, though with a few bumps and bruises, and the night was rather interesting. I look forward to reading any impressions you care to share.

I was able to find that sound from the online, but it’s an .ogg file. I had to download a different player in order to hear it. I’ll try to remember to bring my laptop next time, so you can all hear it too.

Next Time: Tomorrow Is Another Day!


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