Free Fate Chips

Taking a queue from Matthew’s Broken Earth game, I am offering everyone the chance to earn extra Fate Chips!!

Earning them is easy. All you need to do is make a substantial contribution to this site between sessions. For each such addition to the site, you will earn a Fate Chip to be awarded at the beginning of the next session at which you are present.

These contributions can take a number of forms:

Add to the Adventure Log: Let us know what happened during the previous adventure from your character’s point of view. I think it would be very neat to see the story after each session from the varied points of view of the characters who participated in them. They can be in character, or simply a general description of what you noticed happening that session. Have fun with them.

Add to the Characters page: Add your character to the Characters page and let us know what you want us to know about him or her. You can, but don’t have to stat them out, though it might be nice to see your character’s hinderances, so I can remind myself what they are. Continue to update these as we go along so we have a constant record of who you are. Also, anything you learn about other characters on the trail, post those things as well. I will attempt to post the rudiments, but by all means post your impressions. Hopefully, this way we can allow these characters to grow.

Add to the Wiki: Any interesting bits, locations, events, etc. you think we ought to keep in mind as we go, add them there. I can think of a couple from our first session. All fair game.

Forum posts: Got ideas that don’t seem to fit anywhere else, make a forum post about them. That’s also the place to ask questions to the group, though you can also send me a private message if you wish.

I plan on letting this site be our main hub of communication away from the table. It can be as active as you want to make it.


Free Fate Chips

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