Hi Folks:

Just a note on how I plan to do the scheduling for the campaign.

I plan to keep to the Saturday schedule and shoot for twice a month. As the next month approaches, I’ll put out a Forum post asking for conflicts/availability for the following month. After allowing for a couple days of feedback, I’ll propose one or two Saturdays that seem to have the majority of availability, and we’ll go from there. I plan to avoid the Armored Ogre LFR day each month.

Given the nature of our campaign and our group, I think we will be ok letting the story proceed with one or two of us missing for a session. “Out riding the herd” will be the story justification for their absence in the spotlight for that session.

Do please make certain you RSVP for the sessions you plan to attend once I get them in the calendar. This will let me know just how many folks to plan for.

Thanks a bunch.


Blood Drive Grizzly