Blood Drive

The Book of Arnold

The Gospel of Victor, the second, 12:3-9

One of his disciples came up to Arnold, and asked him the following question. “If God is just and all-powerful, why must we mete out his justice through such imperfect vessels as those we travel with? Not only do they blow up those abominations, they blow up true believers as well!”
To which Arnold replied with this story: “There once was a shepherd who watched as his flock was thinned through constant coyote attacks. A wolf came up to him and offered him this deal, in return for some of his food each day and the warmth of his fire each night, he would protect the flock. And protect it he did, til the one day the wolf was a dog. And much like wolf turned to the dog, we must turn those with us on to the true light of god.”

“And what if we fail?”

“God is a vengeful as he is merciful. I have a few things up my sleeve if that happens again.”



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