Blood Drive

We are all full of Bugs!

Dear Sam,

Don’t tell Mom. I know it would only worry her. We are all full of bugs. That’s right, you, me, Mom, even Pastor Laurence. We’re full of bugs that are just itching to get out and eat up everybody we care about. So don’t let it happen Billy. Keep the bugs inside.

Here’s how I discovered this.

We were riding up the trail, and Sutter asked us to check out a homestead that we’d have to be passing through. We road up and found it full of wolves instead of people. After most of us fought the wolves off, we found was was left of the former owners inside, and they weren’t nothing but bones. Not ancient bones, but fresh bones with everything picked clean off, like how Uncle Edgar eats his chicken.

Worse yet, a couple of the other cow folk had let their horses wander during the fight with the wolves. We went looking for them, and found the horses just as dead as everybody else. There’s was nothing for us to do except double up and ride back to camp.

The next day we saw something up ahead. The crew road up and found a wagon surrounded by indians. Fortunately the Kid (have I told you about the Kid yet. I think you’d like him) the Kid did some kind of speaking in tongues, and told the Indians that we were there to help. In the back of the wagon we found a young woman. The Indians said there was a demon inside her.

So the Kid want to exorcise her, and he tried, but then Indians attack, and some other cowfolk came, but they were all full of bugs, and I realized it wasn’t just them. It’s all of us. We’re all full of bugs.



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