Bryce McCumber

A talented yet disillusioned young man in pursuit of the simple life.


Agility = d4
Smarts = d10
Strength = d4
Spirit = d8
Vigor = d8

Charisma = +2
Pace = 6"
Parry = 2
Toughness = 6

Guts = d8
Healing = d8
Investigation = d8
Knowledge (History) = d6
Notice = d6
Persuasion = d4
Riding = d4
Shooting = d4


(human racial) Charismatic

(5) Vigor d4→d6
(10) Elan
(15) Hard to Kill

(20) Marksman
(25) Vigor d6 → d8
(30) Persuasion d4

Colt Dragoon [“Excalibur”] (12/24/48; ROF=1; Dmg=2d6+1)
Winchester ’73 (24/48/96; ROF = 1; Dmg=2d8)

leather rucksack
4 relatively rare books


Bryce was born in Philadelphia to a shipping magnate and his debutante bride, the fifth child of a large and burgeoning estate. Expected to further the family’s interests, Bryce found himself both disappointed at the simplicity of the tasks he was assigned, and alarmed at the degree to which his family pursued their interests, plotting against outsiders and one another alike. Somehow lacking the streak of ambition that would allow him to succeed in this environment, Bryce lit out for St. Louis in search of a simpler fate.

His experience in shipping led him to join a consortium of suppliers who needed both contacts in the East and customers in the West, and at first Bryce was overjoyed to be able to put his talents to work. Yet over time he learned that the consortium was just as populated with ambitious, unscrupulous men as the halls of industry back East, and disillusioned yet again, he left the group on a wagon train headed West, eventually hopping off in a dirt-water town called Purity.

The good news was that in Purity, Bryce finally found the simple life he’d been seeking — the townsfolk were far too busy working together to ensure their own survival to engage in much overt competition with one another. The bad news was that Bryce’s chosen profession in Purity — bookseller — didn’t generate much commerce, and his carefully hoarded savings dwindled rapidly. His good nature, education, and eagerness to help endeared him to many, but he could see the writing on the wall as his finances dwindled. When a posse of cowboys from the Lazy S ranch helped save the town from an infestation of animated hands, Bryce saw his chance and rode out to see if the ranchers could use another hand.

Bryce’s days on the trail passed pleasantly, for the most part. He worked his way into the respect of many of the trail hands, but Bryce always had the sneaking suspicion that the most experienced of the hands never really took a shine to him. That feeling, of being an outsider still, haunted him through the high passes of New Mexico until the cattle drive reached the outskirts of a dirtwater town called Dog Leg. A couple of hands sent into town hadn’t returned, so Bryce and the other experienced hands rode into town to find out what had happened. What happened was a corrupt town marshall, reporting to a local crime boss known as Gault, trumped up charges on the boys and had them beaten up and in effect, held for ransom. After a brief but vicious gunfight, the marshall and his cronies were dead, and the town frightened. Bryce stepped forward to take the title of marshall, vowing to protect the town from Gault’s reprisals; a promise that would end up being fulfilled once the other hands rode out and routed Gault and his men in a bloody firefight far from Dog Leg.

Bryce’s charisma and intelligence recommend him for the role of town marshall, and at least to this point, the people of Dog Leg aren’t complaining if the new lawman seems a bit bookish. For the moment, Bryce might just stay a while and see what develops.

Bryce McCumber

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